Introducing Real-ePAY™ by Fidelity...the no-cost rent payment solution.


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Real-ePAY™ is a payment system, which simplifies the rent payment and collection process while adding great benefits to both residents and property managers.
Real-ePAY™ offers a secure, efficient and flexible solution, which will enhance cash flow to property managers while offering multiple payment options to residents.
Real-ePAY™ is a powerful state-of -the art processing platform which currently manages payment services for federal and state government agencies as well as public and private schools-securely and with 100% satisfaction.


Why Managers choose Real-ePAY™?
  •   Receive rent payments using our “OnLine-OnTime” system
  •   Enrollment is easy and free
  •   Accept electronic payments 24/7
  •   Avoid unnecessary office visits by Tenants
  •   Access to Real-ePAY™'s secure online reports
  •   Customized reporting (import into most accounting software)
  •   Offer variety of automated payment options
  •   Minimize collection efforts and cost
  •   Enhance cash flow
  •   Eliminate paper checks
  •   24/7 customer service

Why Residents choose Real-ePAY™?
  •   Pay rent anytime from anywhere
  •   Flexible payment options (pay with credit card when low on cash)
  •   Instant payment confirmations
  •   Access payment history 24/7
  •   Control the date and method of payment
  •   Monthly “rent due” reminders
  •   Monthly or recurring payments (for the duration of lease)
  •   Avoid paying late fees
  •   Easy and free registration with no annual fee
  •   Reasonable service fees (per use only)
  •   No software downloads
  •   Earn miles while paying rent*
* subject to your credit card agreement

Real-ePAY™ Payment Methods:
Real-ePAY™’s secure platform offers tenants various electronic payment options:

  • Tenants can pay using:
  •   Checking Account/ACH
  •   Credit Card
  •   Debit Card
  •   Prepaid Card
  • Tenants can pay via:
  •   Online
  •   Email
  •   Phone
  •   Fax

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Eliminate Payment hassles with Real-ePAY™ from Fidelity
Real-ePAY™ provides state-of-the-art technology and personalized service to each customer.

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