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Worried about bounced checks?
Sign up for Check Guarantee and be covered for bounced checks!

Check Guarantee means you never have to worry about bad check writers again. Be guaranteed the full amount of any approved check, as long as all of the easy requirements have been followed at the point of sale. Businesses that use our Check Guarantee service can accept checks with confidence that they will be paid for the amount of any check that is approved through our system. Check Guarantee from Fidelity reduces merchants' risks when accepting checks, while providing an easy, hassle free payment option.

There are 2 options: 1) Electronic Check Acceptance:
This service converts a paper check into an electronic transaction at the time of sale by scanning the check with one of our state-of-the-art scanners. The process is as quick, safe, and easy as accepting credit cards. It is actually designed to be similar to the process of accepting credit cards by depositing your money into your bank account automatically. That's it!
You are now guaranteed.
If the check bounces, you won't even know it!

2) Audio Response:
Audio Response (or ARU) is designed for merchants who wish to deposite their checks in regular fashion. Merchants call a telephone number, enter the requested information per the prompts and receive a real-time response without the merchant having to speak with an operator. The merchant will receive an authorization number or decline. If the check bounces, merchant returns the check to our service, and they will be reimbursed for the amount of the bounced check!

We also offer premium customized programs for the protection you need and want
Take advantage of our custom features to suit your exact needs.
Ask us about...
  •   Check verification
  •   Added protection of "stop payment"
  •   Guarantee for post dated checks
  •   Guarantee for Mailed in checks and COD
  •   Check Conversion PLUS
  •   And much more!

Check Guarantee is all about peace-of-mind.
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